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Weekly Wrap Up

We had a positively delightful week talking about the songs of our lives and why music is so powerful to us. Read on to learn about our creative discussions and projects, and to be inspired by your own imagination!

Our week began with a beautiful Songwriting and Singalong class with Robin D. Our theme was: Reflections on the Songs of our Lives.

We enjoyed interviewing each other about how we were feeling. We also asked each other what we could teach a masterclass in (i.e., what we know a lot about).

We enjoyed singing: How much is that doggie in the window. We warmed up our voices by using fun sound effects.

When Robin asked us "What songs did your parents sing as a kid?" we shared many nursery rhymes and agreed that we were able to remember them because of the unique rhythm. Robin shared that her mom would wake her up reciting a poem called "Early One Morning."

We shared some campfire songs that can be sung in rounds including Fire's Burning, Row Row Row Your Boat. We discovered that a modern day example of a round is "God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You" by the Beach Boys.

This led one member to remember a childhood song: “Roaming in the gloaming, when the sun has gone to rest that’s the time we like best.”

We ended our time together by writing this song called "Memories and New Beginnings together:


During Steve's Music History and Piano concert class we discussed the Power of Music. We started warming up our fingers and hands.

We discussed what the power of music is all about:

Steve played Hello Dolly! for us. We enjoyed singing “Side by Side”, “Make New Friends But Keep the Old” and "Oh the More We Get Together.”

We talked about the word “FLOW” – if the flow is there, doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Someone shared that you know you are in flow when “you feel like you’re being stroked by a cat.”

Steve played us some Debussy Clair de Lune

Debussy makes us feel:

  • Very good, very calm.

  • A very small person in a very big world.

  • Peaceful.

  • Floating.

  • It was beautiful. I liked it very much.

  • I didn’t know that I felt it was powerful, but I liked it.

We took a break at intermission of a concert at Roy Thompson Hall and ordered our drinks – red & white wine, champagne, Brandy Alexander, a coca cola, manischewitz, an old fashioned, and after all that an alka seltzer

We enjoyed singing Bei Mir Bistu Schein, Hava Nagila, and If I were a Rich Man, and talked about the influence Jewish composers have had on jazz and musicals over the ages.

In closing we shared the following:

  • We were talking about Jewish things. Well, my brother in law who lived in Montreal with my sister, he died quite a while ago but he was one of the friendliest men I ever knew.

  • Keep on doing what you’re doing cause it’s a fine job.

  • Never put bananas in the refrigerator.

  • Have fun. Life is short.

  • May your chickens have children, may your children have chickens.

  • The program was very good, I enjoyed everyone and I’ll be back next week.

  • The program was wonderful! I’m sitting here having a chocolate chip cookie and thinking about how wonderful it all was!

  • Goodbye.


Join us next week for some inspiring and engaging classes! You can register for your classes here.

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