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Weekly Wrap Up

Our week was full of creative conversations about animals, water, questions and inspiration. We had a special visit from Ontario's Minister of Seniors and Accessibility and we're excited to share our collaborative poetry/art piece that was submitted to the Art Gallery of Ontario and is now featured on their website. AND we want to share a recording of our interview on Zoomer Radio. Read on!


We started out the week with Simon's Music Is Life class. We discussed the topic of animal music. Simon asked us what animals come to mind when we think of music being made by animals. We said:

  • Robins

  • Woody Woodpecker (the drummer of the animal kingdom)

  • Elephants

  • Frogs

  • Horses

We watched videos of animals "singing":

  • Toadfish - the male sings (boops and grunts)

  • Loons wailing

  • Breaching humpback whales

  • Waltzing whales - we waltzed along

Our favourite animal sounds are:

  • Moose - come from Moose Factory or Moosonee as well

  • Don’t have a favourite

  • Dolphins

  • Cat purring

We sang Blackbird by the Beatles and listened to Simon’s new song with humpback whales. Please enjoy the sounds of humpback whales in the video below.


In Steve’s Music History and Piano Concert Class we welcomed The Honourable Raymond Cho, Ontario's Minister of Seniors and Accessibility as our guest.

Minister Cho offered a beautiful speech about his musical family and the importance of music and culture in our lives.

Our theme for the day was water. Steve showed us a video of a waterfall and then played us his composition “Waterfall".

Interesting Facts about Water:

  • 71% of earth is covered by water

  • 75% of the human brain is made up of water

  • One can only live up to one week without water

  • Icebergs contain the oldest water on the planet - people sell pieces of icebergs for money in Newfoundland

We discussed how are water and music are connected:

  • Fluid, life, always moving, gentle, rippling, it all depends… is it cold water?

  • Flow, natural