Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a class?

Our classes are live, interactive and engaging. This means that our members not only watch but are also encouraged to engage with each other throughout the class. You can expect a healthy dose of feel-good energy and lots of laughter in our lively and creative classes. To find out more, please refer to our class description section.

How do I prepare for virtual classes?

You will be sent a link to join when you register for the class. You can join using any device - a laptop, tablet or smart TV. If the speaker on your device does not have sufficient volume, it may be worthwhile considering using an external set of speakers which can be found at any electronic goods store. Please find a quiet area to join the class. Try to reduce any background noises - it is helpful to mute the TV and radio while attending the class. This will help you hear the class most optimally.

How long are the classes?

Each class is 60 minutes long. We dedicate the first 10 minutes to introductions and checking in with each other. The following 40 minutes are dedicated to exploring creative engagement activities, having meaningful conversations, enjoying gentle movement, etc. We use the last 10 minutes to wrap up the session and share reactions and key takeaways.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Please subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter to receive 50% OFF your FIRST class.

Do you have any adaptation for visual, hearing or mobility differences?

We offer closed captions for people with hearing differences. Our seated creative movement and dance sessions are suitable for people who need the support of a chair while exercising.

Do I have to have memory loss to participate?

Not at all! Even though our classes are created with people living with memory loss in mind, they are also suitable for the wider community. In fact, we offer a respectful and stimulating space for anyone who is interested in the arts and appreciates thoughtful engagement. Our program welcomes people of all ages and we encourage anyone to participate as part of our goal to change the way people living with memory changes are perceived.

Can I purchase classes as a gift for someone?

Yes! Please see our 4 Class Gift Card option HERE!

Class Descriptions


Nia: Movement and Music with Jennifer Hicks

Jenn Hicks is a Nia instructor (Nia stands for Non Impact Aerobics). Her classes layered with movement with great playlists (she calls them movement snacks!) and interactive conversations around a theme using various art-based techniques.

Piano concert & Music History Class with Steve Koven

Steve Koven is a fantastic piano improviser, all of his classes had a lot of great live music and fun conversation!

Creative Flow with Kathleen Le Roux

Kathleen Le Roux offers a class filled with opportunities for storytelling. Participants in her class have a chance to share their lived experience in a creative way using play, song and poetry.

Singalong & Songwriting Class with Robin Dann

Robin Dann is an amazing singer songwriter with a beautiful energy. In her classes participants are inspired to share their ideas and lived experiences around a theme which then culminates into writing and composing a collaborative song together.

Creative Cafe with Robin Gertin

Robin Gertin has a magical way of creating a fun and thoughtful class filled using storytelling, music/singing, and poetry writing that is inspired by the people in her classes.

Music is Life with Simon Law

Simon Law Music is Life - Classes are filled with lovely musical history, and great tunes to listen or move to. He loves diving into conversations sparked by quotes from inspiring people, or amazing images that insight people to share. He might compose a song live using the lovely offerings from the class participants.

Creative Art Studio with Katia Engell

Katia Engell is a talented visual artist who offers an engaging class filled with art history and hands-on art making opportunities inspired by an artistic movement.

Moving Minds with Susee Padias

Susee Padias's Moving Minds class is a thoughtful class built to challenge your mind and body. She specializes in movement and exercise for all abilities and layers each of her classes with fun trivia, singalongs, mindfulness activities, and a tone of laughter.