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Who We Are

The Bitove Method is a place of creativity, engagement, learning, and connection.

We support people living with memory loss and their care partners in finding joy and community along their journey with memory loss. Our unique and innovative approach helps people thrive, stay connected, and feel supported by compassionate community.


We challenge the way the world sees memory loss by tapping into people’s creativity and ability to connect, instead of focusing on disability and loss. 

We offer in-person programs, peer-to-peer care partner gatherings, and education for professionals in the field of elder or dementia care who seek to further develop their care practices.


Our method is based on four key pillars:

Connection & Relational Caring

Relational Caring approaches are at the forefront of culture change initiatives in the field.


Our nearly 10 years of theory-informed, practical experience has shown us the power of meaningful connections and compassionate community. Our focus is always on connecting, getting to know one another, and building authentic, lasting relationships with our community members.


Engagement can mean many different things for different people.

At The Bitove Method we take the time to learn what is engaging for each individual, and what being engaged looks like to them. Our specially  trained team of artists stay curious and help people engage their minds, bodies, senses, and intellect!


We believe that everyone can benefit from learning new things, discovering new skills, and exploring topics together in dignified, respectful, yet often playful and welcoming ways.


Our programs are designed to include educational elements alongside the fun and creativity our artists bring to the table.


Creative Expression

When we engage in the arts, we get to explore and express different sides of ourselves.


We get to use different parts of our brains and bodies, learn new skills, and have fun while we do so.


Our team is made up of professional artists who bring their unique skills, knowledge, talent, and creativity to each program.

Meet the Team


Vonna Bitove

Executive Director


Katia Engell


sun pic of susee.jpg

Susee Padias

Program Facilitator

Artist team:


Taylor Kurta



Kathleen Le Roux

Improv, Therapeutic Clowning & Music


Robin Gertin

Improv, Visual Arts, Music


Simon Law



Rebecca Medina


Emma with sunflower_edited.jpg

Emma Rooney

Nature & Art

Robin D.heic

Robin Dann

Music & Yoga

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