Who We Are

The Bitove Method is a space of creativity, engagement, learning, and connection.

We offer weekly virtual classes exploring a plethora of arts: music, drawing, painting, drama, movement, and more! Our classes are all about building authentic and meaningful relationships with one another, being in the moment, and having fun!


Our arts-based programs are designed for older adults living with memory loss, their care partners, artists and students, and do not require any prior creative experience.

The Bitove Method team is a group of professional artists specially trained in our unique, relational caring philosophy which focuses on the power of connecting, of learning from one another, and of challenging the stigmas of dementia and aging.

The Bitove Method is a place where everyone is welcome and we accept you as you are.

Our Mission

The Bitove Method's mission is to challenge the way the world sees dementia by tapping into people’s creativity and ability to connect, instead of focusing on disability and loss.

We believe older adults (and everyone!) deserve respect, agency, and meaningful relationships.

Our Philosphy

The Bitove Method's philosophy is based on four key pillars:

- Connection & Relational Caring

- Engagement

- Learning

- Creative Expression

See us in action:

Our work is a continuation of the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy.
See what we did in our former space in this documentary trailer all about music!