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Weekly Wrap Up

We enjoyed a fantastic week discussing happiness, impressionism, music and meditation. Read on to find out what we learned and how we creatively explored these topics.

Susee started our week with her beautiful Moving Minds program. We discussed happiness and what makes us smile.

We learned about a British artist named Stuart Semple who shares Happy Clouds. He uses his design machine "Moncler" to create them using a helium and water mix.

These Happy Clouds made us smile. Other things that make us smile are:

- sunflowers

- hydrangeas

- breakfast: toast, peanut butter, jam, coffee

- zinnias

We enjoyed learning about and practicing Japanese Gymnastics called Taiso. These are warm-up calisthenics broadcast over the radio that are performed to music and practiced by people in their homes and in parks. There are 13 moves and it takes about 3 minutes to complete. You can learn more about them here. We got a good laugh watching this Costello video and enjoyed singing Zip A Dee Doo Dah

It was a lot of fun guessing the meaning of these words:

Bumbershoot — we guessed mushroom but here is the real meaning

Canoodle — we thought it might mean necking but it really means this.

Bumfuzzle — we guessed that it is a hairstyle but here's what it really means.

Lollygag — this sounded like a happy joke to us, but it's not. It's really this.

Bowyang — we thought about a bow and arrow but here's what it really is.

Malarkey — we got this one right! We said it's bunch of bull and fooling around)

We finished our time together by creating a new sign for the DVP. What do you think of it?


We enjoyed an interesting Creative Art Studio class with Katia on Impressionism. We learned that there are certain characteristics that go along with Impressionistic Art:

- It involves painting in the moment

- Capturing the light is important

- The artist paints what they see not what they know

Katia asked us what moods are provoked from Van Gogh's art and we said:

We learned that Impressionism provoked rebellion in the art movement. This lead us to share that:

- Change is something that takes getting use to

- Change is always there

- Change leads to growth, surprise, freshness

Katia also drew throughout the session as we gave her ideas about elements to be included in the drawing.


Steve offered his Music History and Piano Concert class on Music. The focus was on Meditation and Music. He shared that meditation is a way to connect to stillness and silence. However silence doesn't really exist as there is always sound (e.g., our heartbeat, the wind blowing, a dog barking).

When he asked us what meditation is we said:

- The lack of sound is the best thing ever

- Like floating on the ocean

- Being in the present moment

Steve told us a story about a composer from NYC named John Cage who had a piece called 4 minutes 33 seconds. Performing the piece involved setting up a stop watch on the piano; the player sitting down and closing the lid on piano and sitting for 4 minutes and 33 seconds.

We learned that meditation

- Reduces anxiety

- Lowers blood pressure

- Reduces stress

- Increases creativity

Over the course of the class Steve played us many songs including:

Besame Mucho

The Lady is a Tramp - Sinatra Oh How We Dance On The Night We Were Wed

A droning song (a long sustained tone in music - relaxes and brings heart rate down and reduces stress)

We discussed why sound is meditative/what creates relaxation?

- It's in a lower key

- It's totally steady

- It has a vibration


Will you join us next week for a class or two? You can book your class(es) here.

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