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Weekly Wrap Up

Here are the highlights of our creative week here at The Bitove Method!

In Simon's class, we looked at beautiful images of the rover Perseverance that landed on Mars.

We talked about why are humans are interested in these explorations, and our members share the following:

  • Because we are interested in new discoveries

  • To learn new things

  • Star gazing teaches us our history

Also, “Curiosity is vital to the human spirit” - quote from NASA’s website.

We listened to “Straighten up and Fly Right” by Nat King Cole.

And look we had to say about the expression "living on another planet"!

In Robin G's class we discussed gardens. This topic was inspired by an article in the Mar 18, 2021 edition of the Globe & Mail entitled: "Determined to build a garden this year, I found inspiration in books" by Marsha Lederman.

We discussed why the garden is a good metaphor for life:

- gardens have lots of beauty - colours, sizes, shapes

- gardens have unwanted guests - bugs, fungi, animals

- gardens have an underground parts and an above ground parts Robin shared a book called The Lost Words with us (written by Robert Macfarlane and Illustrated by Jackie Morris). You can watch the book being read here.

We were guided by the Latin phase "Sui generis" (meaning: of it’s own kind, in a class by itself, therefore unique) to write a poem about our unique gardens.

We had 2 very special events this week - our friends at Theatre in the Web delighted us with their short film Threads Of Our Past - a journey of gratitude, hardships and appreciation created from interviews with their grandparents. And we were fortunate to have fellows from the Glenn Gould School share a gorgeous concert. In Jenn's class the topic was trees. We shared our memories of special trees in our lives. We sang Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree by Tony Orlando and Dawn, and danced to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Listen to this beautiful music here. We also created a collage tree with a secret door housing a raccoon!

Please join us next week for classes. We've got lots of movement, music, art, creativity and connection for you! Take a look at our calendar here.

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