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Let’s Stay Creatively Connected

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

What better way to begin the New Year, especially during a lockdown, than to reconnect with your people! People who love you for who you are, people who look forward to sharing, and people who always make you laugh. Right before the Holidays, we launched The Bitove Method’s first virtual arts programs with our amazing artists Monica and Steve. We opened up our hearts and homes to celebrate this new way to stay creatively connected.

Who would have thought that technology, the devices considered to isolate us, would rebuild our community! We put our heads down and began reimagining how to tap into this new world whilst keeping the heart and soul of our past… our beloved friendships. The Bitove Method’s virtual arts programs in relational caring is stepping into uncharted territory to foster opportunities for people in all stages of their lives to creatively engage with each other.

We are currently planning a year filled with art, dance, theatre, music, singalongs, and of course a ton of laughter! Check our calendar for January classes - we look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you all for your friendship and your continued support, we are grateful to call you our community!

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