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Let's Celebrate our First Month of Virtual Arts Classes!

With Friday’s music concert by Steve Koven, The Bitove Method wrapped its first month of virtual art classes! A month filled with singing, dancing, creating, and meaningful conversations. It is funny how devices considered to isolate us, helped us to expand our community and make our art classes accessible to everyone across the globe!

We want to take a moment and reflect on everything that was created in our first month together.

January started with Robin's Creative Café where participants sang, stretched and created the fabulous community poem "Iffy Promises".

Both of Steven's Piano Concerts were symphonious, full of songs, sharing and laughing! Join and see for yourself!

Visual Art Classes with Monica are eye-pleasing! No special skills required, you just need to go with the flow. The pictures below were produced by the members during a live draw-along in the "Drawing from Nature" program.

We used simple materials (pencil, paper, color) to draw from a live reference (in this case a conch shell) bringing techniques such as contrasting colours, lights and darks, shading and creating our authentic marks.

In Simon's Musical Exploration Class, the topic was gratitude. May we all follow the advice of one of the participants (quoted on the photo).

Jennifer's class, apart from NIA Creative movement, included a conversation about joy. All of the participants shared what they think about when it comes to the topic of joy.

The last week of the month started with Robin's Sing-A-Long and songwriting session where we talked all about dreams and moved through some gentle stretching. We collaboratively wrote a song about a place we go to in our dreams. You can listen to the song here.

Spontaneity Salad class with Kathleen explored the theme of “Our Pets.” Everyone in the class had at least one dog, if not more, and other pets that played a significant role in our lives. We reminisced about our pet’s quirks, shared stories of their antics, and mused about how our pets sometimes reflected aspects of our own characters. One of the participants spontaneously brought out his guitar and we had a lovely singalong around the theme of dogs. We ended by contemplating some deep questions brought on by a lovely poem written by Mary Oliver about her dog, Percy.

For our upcoming February classes, we include meaningful conversations, self-expression, dynamic movement, visual arts, music, drama, art as so much more! You can use our Four-Class Option or share the word and receive 50% off of your ticket! We also have one free event from Glenn Gould Music School, so make sure you reserve your spot!

Connection, laughter & creativity are coming your way!

See you in class!

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