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5 Reasons Why Our Arts-Based Program is Different

We are halfway through 2021 and it’s been 6 months since we began virtually connecting with you! In this time, we have helped seniors and people living with dementia to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Together, we have created, shared and laughed, and built meaningful connections through Zoom. And we’re hearing lots of positive feedback!

“Everyone is noticing her improvement since she’s been participating in the Zoom Bitove classes... engaged and seeing people she recognizes is very beneficial.”

So, keep reading to learn why our program is different.

Our classes are designed & facilitated by professional artists trained in relational caring

Our artistic team consists of compassionate professional artists from various disciplines, all trained in relational caring. We have musicians, songwriters, dance and Nia (creative movement) teachers, visual and performing artists. Please check our team page to learn about them and watch their bio videos.

Our classes are Dementia Friendly

All of our classes are designed to engage with people living with memory changes. We

provide a safe and comfortable environment designed to help them express their

thoughts and feelings about who they are and what they care about. We offer closed captions for people with hearing differences, seated creative movement and dance sessions (suitable for people who need the support of a chair), poetry, songwriting, drama, and music from around the world.

Our Classes are Diverse & Intergenerational

Even though our classes are created with people living with dementia in mind, they are also suitable for the wider community. In fact, we offer a respectful and stimulating space for anyone who is interested in the arts and appreciates thoughtful engagement. Our program welcomes people of all ages and our goal is to change the way the world perceives people living with memory changes.

Our Classes are Uniquely Innovative & Interactive

Another thing that makes us unique is that our classes are live, engaging, and interactive. This means that our members not only watch but engage for an hour and a half. This includes but it’s not limited to meaningful conversations, self-expression, dynamic movement, songwriting, poetry. You can expect a healthy dose of feel-good energy and lots of laughter in our lively and creative classes. The best part? No special skills required - you just need to ride our wave of creativity together.

Our Classes are Participant-Driven and Collaborative

In our classes, everyone is a teacher and a learner. We are all in a place of learning and mentoring each other by sharing wisdom and ideas. Towards that end, our artists present session themes that our members help us shape and develop throughout the class. This helps us offer valuable in-the-moment creative experiences that lead to developing respectful relationships with each other.

Watch the video to learn more about our classes and hear what our members and care partners have to say!

Book your ticket for an upcoming class! Join our uniquely creative, warm, and collaborative learning environment. We promise to provide a stimulating experience that will tickle your brain and heart while also improving your overall well-being!

For more info, contact

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