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Welcome to The Bitove Method!

We offer a variety of engaging arts-based classes for older adults living with memory loss..
Our respectful and engaging sessions include music appreciation, singalong, songwriting, poetry, creative movement, visual arts, theatre and so much more.


You can expect a healthy dose of feel-good energy and lots of laughter in every class.

No prior creative experience is required!

This is us:

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What people are saying:


I felt beautifully welcomed and "held" in a bubble of joyful, sensitive and stimulating interaction.

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Warm and wonderful.

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To hear him laugh and watching the talented staff interact with joy, professionalism and laughter was fun to watch.

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 Everyone is noticing her improvement since she’s been participating in the Zoom Bitove classes... engaged and seeing people she recognizes is very beneficial. 

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We tap into what matters most - connection, laughter and creativity!


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