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Weekly Wrap Up

We had a wonderfully inspiring week talking about mothers, had an author visit, moved and sang to wonderful music, shared travel stories and things that have stood the test of time!

This week in her Creative Flow class, Kathleen highlighted Mother's Day. She asked:

"Did your mom or grandmother make things with their hands?"

Here's what was shared:

  • My mother was a knitter of sweaters, "she was very keen when she was knitting"

  • My mother in law created quilted jackets; "his uniform" because of how often he wore it!

  • I recall my mother quilting - I barely use the blankets because I am afraid they will be worn out!

  • My grandma gave me what I call the Grandma Ida blanket (a quilt).

We shared songs that we associate with our mothers:

  • Edith Piaf - La Mome (Waif) Piaf

  • My mother played piano by ear and was a great whistler and could whistle "I'll See You Again".

  • I recall seeing Vera Lynn in person at an outside concert in front of Toronto's Royal York Hotel.

  • My mother would play the piano and sing, she was a very talented pianist!

We had such a rich conversation that we decided to create a God Poem. A God Poem is created when someone moves their fingers across a page of written material and one person yells STOP. Wherever their finger lands is the next line of the poem. Here is what we created using the God Poem method:


Jenn invited Monica Kulling, the author of the children’s story book Happy Birthday, Alice Babette to our Nia: Movement & Music class! We read her beautiful story and then discussed some of the themes and how they pertained to our lives.

One theme was the element of surprise, so she asked “What is the best surprise you have ever received?”

  • My Bar Mitzvah, I got the opportunity to be part of the choir!

  • When a friend surprised me with a delivery of coffee and take out because she knew I was going to be in my studio “in the zone” and forget to eat!

We had several seated movement breaks moving to some of our favourite songs including: Oh What a Beautiful Morning by Ray Charles & The Count Basie Orchestra, Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin and Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. We also sang along when we knew the words.

In the book Happy Birthday, Alice Babette, we noticed that a poem was written, but that poem was not shared. So we decided to write our own.