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Weekly Wrap Up

What a fantastic week of song writing, creative word play, music and movement!

In Simon's "Music is Life" class, he reintroduced us to the song we started last week inspired by his Cherry Blossom Tree.

While taking a tour of his garden we shared what Cherry Blossoms remind us of:

  • Cherry pie

  • Spring time

  • Perfume snow

  • The blossoms look like feathers

  • Beautiful lace

  • Very beautiful, fabulous!

  • The pretty birds are standing on the blossom tree

  • I am on the pretty land & smell the flowers where I stand

Stay tuned to hear the song in the coming weeks!

Simon also shared a video recorded from a live kitchen session with his band:

The video of Jen Schaffer and the Shiners song called “After a Fall.”


In Robin G’s "Creative Cafe" class we discussed The Kentucky Derby which took place on May 1, 2021.

Robin asked everyone "if you were a race horse what would your name be?"

  • High Flyer

  • Zeffer “Speedy”

  • Big Power Thumper

  • Step Lightly

  • Clover

  • Lightning Strike

  • Dark and Stormy Queen

We talked about our impactful experiences with horses, here is what we shared:

  • As a child I rode a horse 2 times a week while at Camp Tanamakoon. I learned you have to be giving to connect with a horse.

  • On a trip to Mexico I booked a hike up the mountain at sunset on a horse. It was beautiful but scary!

  • I grew up on a farm and used to ride a horse to traverse the acres of land. My horses' names were Queen, Daisy, Rose and Nelly.

  • I rode a horse late in life and I was taken by how I could feel the muscles of the horse as we galloped together.

  • I never had a deep in the wild experience but I had a tame horse riding experience where they fed the horse something that seemed unnatural.

  • I remember I once fed a horse named Cezar, I was taken by how elegantly they ate.

Winston Churchill once said:

“The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”


During Steve's "Piano Concert and Music History" class he collaborated with Yvonne to explore how shapes and texture can be the inspiration for music and movement.

We explored the shape “Round” and listened to Steve play Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight while Yvonne led an engaging movement inspired by the music.

We described this music and movement as:

  • Calming

  • Flowing

  • Beautiful

  • Wholesome

  • Haunting

  • A full moon

  • Undulating, with curves, and clouds

  • Stillness


We had a wonderfully fun and successful Virtual Open House on Thursday, and had over 65 people experience our creative arts based classes.

Here is a beautiful collective art piece created by the group which was facilitated by Robin G.

And if you happened to miss the event, please take a look at our Introductory video. And feel free to share it!


In Robin’s "Singalong and Songwriting" class we shared what time means to us, here are some initial ideas:

  • Time is opportunity

  • Time is an unending thing

  • If I could put time in a bottle, it sounds like a good drink!

  • I am floating down the river of time with my husband, Great togetherness

We wrote a beautiful song inspired by time. Have a listen!


We hope you will be able to join us next week for more engaging and stimulating classes.

Reserve your spot by booking here.

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