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Weekly Wrap Up

It's been a week of dance parties, song writing, improvisation and thinking about flow. Read on for the week's highlights!

In Jenn's "Nia: Movement & Music" class we talked all about "dance parties" - the ones we had in high school, at coming of age celebrations, at weddings and the dance parties that simply celebrate life! We danced a lot (in our chairs), created our own dance and discussed what kind of theme party we would throw:

  • A Hawaiian luau where people would wear grass skirts and drink pineapple, coconut and rum shaved ice drinks.

  • A Barn Dance party, with square dancing in blue jeans, cowboy boots and plaid shirts.

  • A Nap dance, where we all take a snooze!

  • A Rhythm Dance party - everyone would wear their nicest party dresses and drink heavily spiked drinks!

Jenn shared a video of a Flashmob by Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company who believe that everyone should have quality dance classes!


In his "Music Is Life" class, Simon shared a beat that he created in his studio. Together the members started to create a song. Here are some beginnings of ideas shared in the class:

Working Title ”Running with the elephants”

  • We all have a rhythm inside us that we want to let out!

  • Everyone is born with it and we die with it!

  • We hear our mom’s rhythmic heartbeat.

  • Some people have good rhythm and some people just have a beat.

  • We need to listen around us to be in tune with the natural rhythms.

  • I’m awfully happy with you, slowly owly owly you get away ...


In Steve's "Piano Concert & Music History" class, we discussed improvisation. Here's how we described what improvisation is all about.

  • It’s about being aware.

  • It’s in all of us.

  • We can because we are human.

  • Some of the greatest ideas have been mistakes.

  • People in all fields improvise, a chemist can improvise drawing different molecules to discover something new.

  • It’s present in so many facets in our lives and in many walks of life.

Take a look at Steve and Simon improvising below!


In Robin D's "Singalong & Songwriting" class we discussed "flow".

We discussed what gets us into a state of flow.

  • Meditation, playing piano and singing and letting my fingers flow.

  • Walking into nature.

  • My mom is a harpist and when she played she said it was her faith.

  • Escaping.

  • Trees are the natural thing, they move at the speed you want to go.

This made us think of the Poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer which you can read here.

And here's our song!


Join us next week for more creativity, stimulation and fun! Book your class here.

Please also note that our new May calendar is available.

And mark you calendars for Apr 29 at 2pm for a free concert given by the Fellows from the Glenn Gould School. Register here.

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