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Weekly Wrap Up

We had an exciting creative week and want to share the highlights with you!

During Simon's "Music is Life" program we discussed Spring Festivals around the world that celebrate freedom.

We looked at images of:

We also discussed what spring time feels like to us (see below).

In Monica's class, we learned about portraiture. She also had special musical guests - Lindsay on guitar and our artist Robin Dann on piano with vocals so that members could create to live music!

Here's a portrait that one of our members created.

Steve and Yvonne paired up this week to share their love of music and dance.

Steve played the piano while Yvonne danced from Native Earth Performing Arts to the live music. Yvonne encouraged everyone to dance along to the many musical genres that Steve played.

Steve showed a Planet Earth segment of a Bird of Paradise dancing and singing as a way to attract a mate. You can watch that here.

We also talked about how music makes us feel.

In Jennifer's class we discussed the topic of play. We agreed that adults can play and shared some of the benefits!

We went on a Scavenger hunt in our own spaces, played hangman, sang some great songs and used our bodies to play with movement.

Please join us for classes next week! Register here.

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