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Weekly Wrap Up

We had a really thoughtful week focusing our classes on dreams, campfire singalongs and growth. We shared lots of music, movement and of course, many stories and much laughter!

Steve started our week off with a session focused on dreams in his Music History and Piano Concert class.

We talked about daydreaming, the fact that dreams are mysterious and the connection between dreams and fantasies.

We listened to some songs with the word "dream" in them including:

Steve explained that the whole tone music scale creates a dream-like feeling. He explained that Claude Debussy used this in his music.


In Kathleen's Creative Flow class we had a campfire singalong. We started by looking at slides of various ways of camping. We all agreed that we enjoyed camping at some point in our lives and shared stories of where and how we liked to camp.

  • Some of us camped when we were children, going to overnight camp

  • Some of us are still frequent campers, doing a trip every year to places like the French River, Algonquin Park, and other locations

  • One member shared a vivid memory of camping North of Peterborough.

  • Another, who had liked camping as a child, does not care for camping as an adult

  • One member likes to "rough it"

  • One member likes camping to be comfortable

We discussed some things that we like to do around a campfire:

  • sing songs

  • cook hotdogs

  • roast marshmallows

  • tell Ghost Stories

  • look at stars

  • get romantic with one’s partner

  • swat mosquitoes

  • let our minds wander

  • pleasant conversation with friends

We sang many songs around the campfire including:

  • Moon River

  • Blue Moon

  • There ain’t no flies on us

  • Fire’s burning

  • suggested NOT to sing 99 bottles of beer “but this is a song we DON'T ever want to sing again!”

  • In the Store


In Jennifer's Nia Movement & Music class we focused on growth as a metaphor for movement. We decided that our feet are our foundation for movement and that they are just like roots that support plants, trees and bushes. We looked at moving images in nature and mimicked them with our bodies. Try it yourself using the prompts!

We decided that the following ingredients are needed in a recipe for a good weekend:

  • Sing-a-longs