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Weekly Wrap Up

We had a wonderful week talking about walking, resilience, the beauty of aging and passion. We connected through singing, dancing, listening to music and creating together.

Firstly we want to say, to all our friends who celebrate, Happy Senior's Month! We appreciate you, value your contributions, and are so grateful to know you!


In Kathleen's Creative Flow class our theme was "The Walks of the World". We decided to redefine the word “walking” to include walks for all abilities, to include those in wheelchairs:

  • go on an exploration

  • have a change of scenery

  • share time with someone

Someone referred to a wheelchair as a rolling sofa, which made us think of a great song - Boardwalk in Atlantic City by Dick Haymes.

Together we went on a virtual walking trip to a beautiful beach. Before setting out we packed a Red Flyer Wagon with:

  • A pitcher of Pina Colada

  • A picnic with brie cheese and a large bushel of apples

  • Towels, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses (rose coloured ones), a bathing suit (bikini if you're feeling confident), and bottles of water.

Once set up, we poured our Pina Coladas and said "cheers".

We ended our session by creating a song together that captured our day at the beach. It is set to the tune "What a Wonderful World" - see our version below.


In Jennifer's Nia: Movement and Music class we spoke about resilience in life, nature and in our bodies. Here's how we described what resilience is:

  • The ability to bounce back

  • To be adjustable

  • The ability to come back to the original position

Some ways to deal with stress to be more resilient:

  • Make a plan

  • Learn relaxation techniques

  • Look at the cause of the stress and address it

  • Compromise

We thought of a lyric from The Glory of Love by Bette Midler that speaks to compromise and resilience: “You got to give a little, and let your poor heart break a little. That's the story of, that's the glory of love.”

We brainstormed: if resilience was an animal what would it be?

  • A bear, it’s strong and it is cuddly

  • Reindeer, it can survive long cold winters

  • A Blue Jay, it’s my favourite colour and try getting rid of a blue jay, they always come back!

We thought about what resilience would say:

  • “I’ll show you!”

  • “We all have strength”

  • “We are the come-backers”

  • “Walk into a punch and come back for another!”


In Simon's Music is Life class, he introduced his class theme as “The Beauty of Age”. Very promptly one of our members said, “You’re going to have to work hard to sell that one!”